Are you confident your water bill is valid?

Whilst we all have different ideas of what exactly it would be like, we’d believe that in everyone’s vision of an ideal world it would be the case that information presented to us could be accepted as being both honest and accurate. A rather unfortunate part of our present world is that some believe this is indeed the case, in particular when it comes to their water billing.


In our experience many people – in particular businesses – have been prepared to readily accept that the bill presented to them by their water supplier must be accurate. We all know that every one of us uses water, and as it’s viewed as an essential service rather than a product sold to us our natural instinct is always to trust that the bill presented must be true. Time and again our water bill validation services have shown that this is far from the case.


An important thing we all have to understand is that water should be regarded as a product we buy rather than a public service we receive and pay for. When you have that mindset in place it’s then possible to view it as a standard business expense and evaluate it accordingly. We know that you make sure you get value for money – and accurate billing – from every supplier that you do business with, and it is absolutely the case that the same view should be true of how you deal with your water supplier.


Understanding how you can validate your water billing is a rather more complex matter than appreciating the need to do so. The knowledge and means to verify the billing is accurate can be highly involved, requiring close, regular contact with the provider. Many businesses don’t have the resources to do this but we do. Our company has the ability and knowledge to audit billing – both historical and current – and provide clear, comprehensive evidence proving instances where too much has been charged.


We, like you, would love to be in a world where bills are issued in an accurate and fair way. In a very real sense the work we do is helping to make this a reality. Our water bill validation makes sure you are only paying what you should, but also serves to make the suppliers know that they need to be precise in the way they charge for their service.