A LinkedIn success story – Water Audit Experts identify a £3,000 per week water leak.

The water audit experts at H20 Building Services received an enquiry through LinkedIn from a client with a large multi occupied business park.

For quite some time they have experienced high water bills and fixed a few water leaks but thought they still had issues at site.


We recommended installing a water flow data logger which is a device that is fitted to the water company water meter that feeds the site. The device when installed sends the water flow data via the mobile phone network to a web based data platform that when accessed produces daily and overnight flow profiles in both graphical and numerical formats.

This device is invaluable if your seeking to drive down your water consumption and water costs, visual flow data is key to maximising water savings and your insurance against future water leaks and increases in water bills.


In this case study post the water flow graph shows a constant minimum flow of 8.76m3 per hour, which equates to 1,475 cubic metres per week costing £3,000 per week.


Clearly there is a serious expensive water leak across the water distribution network and no doubt the client will be calling on our water leak detection services very soon.


AMR Water flow data logging graph - water leak