Are you checking your water bills carefully?

Businesses work very hard to keep their costs down and ensure they make the very best profits on the revenue they receive. One issue they may overlook though is their water bills. These can feature a wide array of charges levied by the provider. In many cases they are paid without paying any heed to what each individual charge is actually for. This leaves the business at risk of incurring higher costs than they should be.


Any unnecessary charges on your water bill will eat into your profits. In some cases the charge may only be small and seem insignificant but with each bill the cost is adding up. If you consider businesses may be operating from a wide number of sites the total can be very large number.


At H2O Building Services we are committed to helping businesses across the UK to ensure their water bills are correct. We work with a large number of clients, from some of the biggest brands to niche specialists. Whether you have a single site or hundreds all over Great Britain we can offer our help in validating and potentially cutting bills.


Our service is comprehensive, ranging from an audit to determine the consumption to validation of charges to ensure they are correct. If we find problems we will consult with the provider on your behalf and find a solution, saving you the job and giving you the benefit of our experience working with them.


We can provide ongoing services when required, ensuring that every single bill that you receive is checked and acceptable. This way you can have complete piece of mind that you are only paying bills you should be.


We are committed to helping businesses understand the benefits of monitoring their water bills and checking all of the charges. On our website you can see a list of just a few of the clients we have worked with and the sums we have helped them to save or claim back. This should give you a good idea of how big the rewards can be from working with us.


If you have any questions or would like us to look at a bill for you please get in touch.