High quality water leak detection pays dividends every time.


Our water leak detection and water audit experts have combined over 40 years worth of experience of reducing water and waste water costs to many well known Leisure Park companies from Scotland down to Devon.

This is knowledge gained from years of experience working on both small and very large caravan parks and leisure sites and producing very impressive results in terms of water savings on future water bills.


Our clients judge us on quality of service and return on investment and passing on our knowledge to the clients site managers by producing clear and concise water leak detection survey reports which shows what we have found in terms of water leaks and the financial impact of these leaks on their future water bills.


Not only will we identify and repair leaks we will also work in partnership with our clients to reduce the water bills still further through the application of on-line water flow data logging and water procurement.


In a true water audit expert’s toolbox there are many opportunities to explore together that will produce amazing results.


After only 2 days leak detection and water management reporting this client has already reduced the water bill by £31,000 per year.


To see the leak detection report click here LyonsHolidayParksRobinHoodLeakDetectionReport2


Together we “Value water more”