High water bills caused by internal water losses.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

High water bills caused by internal water losses are common place and can contribute to substantial water bills. These water losses can easily go un-noticed for months even years until the business takes a focused strategic approach to water management. In this instance this large national clients uses a proven benchmark daily water consumption figure of 0.3 cubic metres, any sites nudging up to 1.6 cubic metres per day are investigated and a site survey is carried out in order to determine the reason for the higher than normal expected water usage. A survey report is completed giving consumption, extra costs of the water wastage, recommendations and action needed together with associated costs. Paybacks are often given in weeks and the savings can be substantial, aside from the monetary savings a staggering 989 cubic meters or 217,580 gallons (1 cubic metre equates to 220 gallons).

To take this a stage further from a visual aspect the water losses equate to 30 fuel tankers worth of water as each fuel tanker holds on average 32 cubic metres this would be enough water for 8 families of 3 for a year!

Click here for the water leak detection survey case study ExampleLeakDetectionReport08.05.15