High water bills caused by underground water leaks – Leakage investigation case study.

In this particular case study the client had recently purchased an old industrial park.

There was an overall suspicion that the high water bills were caused by underground water leaks, so a site survey was commissioned in order to accurately quantify the reason for the high water bills and to carry out a leakage investigation survey.


With the water supply meter a great distance from the site crossing fields and ageing large diameter cast iron water supply pipes and large underground isolation valves that have received little or no maintenance over decades, also as a large proportion of the water supply pipes are buried beneath a gas terminal this project will be technically challenging and an exciting opportunity to gain more leak investigation experience.


The first site visit has revealed 50% of the water used is wasted due to water leakage, for the first phase leakage investigation survey report click here: – IndustrialEstateundergroundwaterleakssurvey


“Value water more”