Water bills and how to reduce them for Leisure Park Operators

Water For Life - Water bills

Water bills can be a significant drain on resources for leisure park operators and difficult to control due to the size and complexity of the water distribution network.


Water flow usage data is very useful in order that trends and patterns of use can be monitored and indeed analysed and the appropriate remedial action taken in order to reduce the impact of costs hitting water bills.


In this particular case study a substantial water leak was identified and repaired a year ago, in order to ensure the site was protected against water leaks impacting on future water bills a water flow monitoring system was installed to the water companies water meter over half a mile away from site. The system was pre-programmed to alarm if the water flow exceeded a pre set volume over time. A few days ago the alarm was triggered and a report was sent to the client indicating a 1.3 cubic metres water loss per hour. In water volume terms 1,300 litres an hour at a daily cost of £70, over a year if this was left unattended would add at least £26,000 to the water bill at the current rate of flow.


The water leak alert report has been sent to the customer for remedial action ands approval, click here to view the report caravan-site-leak-alert-report-october-2016