If only all water leak detection and water leak repair projects were this simple.

Author: Graham Mann, Water audit expert.

Most water leak detection projects are quite complicated, especially as most water leaks do not show above ground, the first sign of a water leak is usually a high water bill, or if in this instance a water audit is completed on a site by site basis by a water audit expert. Then a site visit  is carried out in order to determine the cause of the high water bill. In this instance the site was calculated to be using over 700 cubic meters more than the benchmark for the site which in money terms is over £2,000 per year.

Not a lot you may say? well a daily over budget use of £5.68 which was the figure of the calculated water loss when the water leak detection engineer visited the site and measured the  continual water flow rate with all water fittings isolated inside the building. £5.68 per day, it all adds up to £2,073 per year, this has now been repaired by our water leak repair team.

What sales would have to be generated to return a profit of £2,073, that’s Finance Director speak! but very true none the less and that us the way the water audit experts at H²O Building Services report savings to clients, water saving in simple form.

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