We shine the light on unknown water leaks

Author: Graham Mann, Water audit Expert.

Water leaks have a major impact on water bills, if the water bills average similar water consumption and costs year on year then they are rarely thoroughly investigated particularly on large sites such as Leisure Parks, Caravan Parks and sites with sizable underground water pipe infrastructures.

To a large extent you would struggle to accurately identify and quantify water leaks without remote water flow monitoring or as it is know in the industry water flow data logging.

As per the picture below.

Water flow data logger to identify water leaks

There is a strict protocol when installing a data logger to a water company water meter, approval must be given by the water company to fit a data loggers to their meter, if you install without permission it is highly likely they will remove it.

The water logger is fitted to the water meter via a pulse lead which carries the magnetic pulse from the water meter to the logging device the pulse from the is usually calibrated and set up to record litres per second, the data is held within the logging device and at pre-programmed intervals it is sent via the mobile phone network and downloaded to a remote web based platform that can be accessed and will produce daily and overnight water flow profiles in numerical and graphical form. Of initial interest will be what is known in the water industry as the “nightline” this is the time between say 1am and 5am what is used on and off during the day and slows down when people retire for the evening or indeed the site is vacant of staff.

In this case study example although some water leaks have been detected and repaired there is still £ 30,000 worth of water leakage which further substantiates the need for  continual remote water flow monitoring.

Water leak alert report click here Examplewaterleakalertreport15.05.15