Why are we different? We will reduce your water bills and you receive 100% of the savings.

Why are we different? We will reduce your water bills and you receive 100% of the savings.

That’s right, we deliver 100% of the water savings we achieve for our clients, always have and always will and it has been that way since 1997, unlike many of our competitors who will charge you anything from 25% to 50% share of savings.


Here are some extracts from our competitors websites: –


* “If we don’t find savings you don’t pay”


* “Our no save no fee guarantee makes auditing the obvious choice”


* “We are simply incentivised to analyse your water billing”


* “We can secure on going savings which we are then paid out of”


* “We are only paid by results, if we cant produce a saving or refund you pay us nothing – it is as simple as that”


Most percentage of savings water consultancy terms range from 1,2 and 3 years so you will be charged a % of savings for up to 36 months!

In short, which ever way you dress it ultimately you will pay substantially more in fees to achieve the same result with most indeed if not all of our competitors. The best way to find out is to call them up and ask “What is the best share of savings deal you can offer me” if they cannot answer straight away “We don’t do share of savings deals” then you have your answer!


There may be many of you reading this post both competitors or indeed potential clients who will be thinking do “The Water Audit Experts” at H20 work for free? no of course not, our fixed fees to achieve your water bill savings are clear and fixed (never variable) exactly what it says on the tin!


Do we guarantee water savings?

If you do not achieve the savings we say you could achieve after issue of the water audit report then we will not charge you the fixed fee.

Our untarnished reputation stands on our quality of service and delivery of results, we are a trade marked brand you can trust. On that point we are the only water audit consultants that have trade marked their corporate logo, design and wording.


If your business is looking to reduce water costs, requires a water audit or water bill validation service please make us your last call, after speaking with our competitors.