“The Water Audit Experts” H20 declare No we are NOT water brokers in the English Water Market

There is much debate recently in the press about water brokers and TPI’s (third party introduces) as we move ever closer to the English Water Market opening its doors to allow none residential customers to switch water suppler in the vain hope of securing a discount on their water bills.


More recently the regulator OFWAT has jumped in with both feet with support from others in the utilities market talking about regulating so calls water brokers, or those firms that broker switch water supplier deals with the retail water supplies on behalf of clients and take commission from the suppliers.

It certainly seems to me that comments are made by individuals or firms that have little or no real water industry expertise and now OFWAT is quick off the mark seeking regulation of a market that is not even opened yet!

In my opinion OFWAT should spend their time reversing policies that are not in the interests of customers, for example the £millions of overcharges by water companies not refunded and that’s just for starters.


In any event “The Water Audit Experts” H20 Building Services will not comply with any regulations either voluntary or compulsory in relation to fees taken for switch water suppliers in the English Water Retail Market – and why is this?

Simple, as of now our firm will not receive any commissions whatsoever from suppliers for switching water suppliers in England for any clients, existing or new clients and it certainly looks as though we are the first and only water audit consultancy to publicly declare our position.

Margins are so low if new clients are looking for water consultancy experts to switch them to another water supplier then we offer this as a free of charge service, this will now place us head and shoulders against the others in the new water retail market in England.


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