Water company overcharges – What to do if you suspect your business or organisation has been overcharged on water bills.

Water company overcharges are a big issue as your business or organisation will be charged by the water retailer far more than you should be and guess what chances are you would not even realise.


Just because you have switched water supplier does not mean you will be charged correctly either, in fact it is more likely you will be overcharged due to merging of two water retail firms incorrect water market data.


The merging of two water retail company systems as in the case of Wave a joint venture between Anglian Water Business and Northumbrian Water. Wave has already admitted its ability to bill for trade effluent is limited and in fact has issues in billing correct for business water and waste water charges.

Likewise in the case of Water Plus a joint venture between Severn Trent Water and United Utilities.


Unless your business or organisation has a water bill validation agreement in place administrated by water industry experts, chances are you will be overcharged.


Certainly since water market deregulation just over 1 year ago allowing none residential customers to switch water suppler, water company overcharges have increased substantially.


So what do you do if you suspect water company overcharges or you are just curious and want to know your water bills are correct ?


  1. Compile an address list of your sites
  2. Gather copies of the last 6 months water, waste and trade effluent bills.
  3. Search for and appoint a water bill validation firm.
  4. Request a desk top water audit report.


You never know you may be due a £50,000 refund give us a call on 0845 658 0948

Refund cheque from Water Plus - Water company overcharges