Water company overcharging – Businesses are overcharged £millions on water bills every year in Scotland, Wales and England, but who is at fault?

Water company overcharging is rife in Scotland, England and Wales claim “The water audit expertsH20 Building Services.


That’s right, it is a fact £millions! Tens of £millions every year and there is a fair chance if your reading this then your company or organisation is being overcharged on your water bills.

They should know as they have been carrying out historical in depth water audits for decades and identifying water company overcharging.

A few examples such as Asda, refund and savings of £800,000, Manchester University £500,000, Wolseley UK  £800,000, Electrolux £60,000, David Lloyd Leisure £500,000 and the list goes on and on. Claims this year are totaling over £1 million in water company overcharging and expected to top around £2 million by year end as an increasing number of companies are requesting water audits due to the increased publicity surrounding water deregulation.


Back to the original question – Who is at fault?


You are ! not personally of course but the company or organisation is at fault for not checking the water charges and ensuring water bills are correct, so where do you start?

Precisely, if it was that simple we may see our water company overcharge claims decreasing, the exact opposite is happening as claims have increased 50% so far this year.


So now we have established fault as ultimately it appears that water companies have little or no obligation to ensure water charges levied are correct – what next?


So you are thinking about switching water supplier and the new water supplier will ensure the water bills are correctly charged – Wrong! no sorry you will carry on being overcharged.

We identified nearly £1 million in overcharges for clients in Scotland  that had switched water supplier, it makes little or no difference.


The only way a business or organisation can be 100% sure the water and waste water bills are correct is to commission a “water audit expert” with a proven track record of knowledge and expertise as the water companies will not do any more than they are already doing.


Be 100% sure your water bills are correct, don’t rely on your water supplier.

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