Anglian Water Announces Plans To Build A Resilient Future Water Network

Anglian Water has called on its customers to come forth and let their views be known regarding the company’s draft Water Resources Management Plan, which includes over £800 million of investment to help ensure future generations have access to safe, clean water.


Not only that but it’s also keen to help ensure that severe drought restrictions don’t have to be introduced in the future, with more than £500 million of this investment intended to fund a series of interconnecting pipes that will form a strategic grid to move water around the area more easily. It’s hoped that this will reduce the chances of drought restrictions being brought in.


The consultation also lays out plans for £250 million to bring in smart meters throughout the region to help people be more water efficient and address the issue of leakage. Some £50 million will be diverted to help reduce leakage by an additional 23 per cent come the year 2025.


“Ensuring we have enough fresh water for the future is the biggest challenge we face. Our draft plan sets out how we make the best use of the water we already have but also what measures we need to put in place now to become more resilient to severe drought and the impacts of climate change in the future.


“Resilient, secure water resources are vital to communities, businesses and the environment alike, which is why we want our customers to have their say to ensure that our plans reflect their priorities,” director for growth and resilience Jean Spencer commented.


The strategic grid will see lots of large water mains, all connected to each other, installed across the Anglian Water region so that water can be diverted to help boost supplies where necessary.


A new main pipeline would run from Elsham in North Lincolnshire to South Lincolnshire, with millions of litres of drinking water to be supplied each day to Greater Lincolnshire customers – and further south if required.


Customers have until June 1st this year to respond to the consultation, after which all comments will be reviewed before publication of the final plan.


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