£16,000 Water Bill Finally Settled By Water Plus.

A Leicestershire businessman who received a water bill for £16,584 (which for a full year would be the equivalent of 3.4 million litres of water, enough to fill 18,889 bathtubs!) has finally seen the matter settled by supplier Water Plus.


According to the BBC, Owen Williams from Coalville said the kitchen showroom’s typical bill was £70 a quarter and those in the shop only used the toilet and made a couple of cups of tea. He has had to deal with 12 months of threats and denials over his business’s water bill – and after his initial protest at the amount, he was told he would have to pay more than £12,000 or be cut off.


Now, however, the entire bill has been set aside, with the supplier saying that their decision was a gesture of goodwill. However, Mr Williams has now said that the company’s methods were “no way to carry on”.


He explained that a major point of irritation was that no one from Water Plus ever came down to the shop to see what was taking place to find out that neither of the scenarios it had put forward – leakages or overuse – were “remotely likely”.


“All we got is denials and threats, and it has taken a year to sort out. It is bad enough for us but what if it was some vulnerable person? It is no way to carry on,” Mr Williams went on to say.


Commenting on the matter, water consultant Graham Mann of H2O Building Services explained that the deregulation of water in England back in 2017 has had a big impact on the market.


He said that the water industry is now out of control, with millions being overcharged across the sector. Unless you know what to keep an eye out for and how to handle suppliers, it’s possible that you could get “stamped on”.


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