Client letters of reference are appreciation are priceless in today’s fast paced world of business

When a client takes the time and trouble to send a letter of reference and appreciation it’s priceless and very much appreciated by the client project team.


As in the case of water consultants H20 Building Services a water audit firm established over 20 years ago that has an enviable track record for delivering a first class service and a reputation for exceeding savings expectations on water, waste water and trade effluent costs.


Since water deregulation in the UK water market April 1st 2017 the whole process of client water bill validation, water bill queries sent to water retailers and claims against water retail companies for refunds of historical incorrect charging are taking an average 3 – 8 months to conclude and the water consultants now have an increased work load due to so many incorrect bills.

With  some water retailers providing a rock bottom service and not replying to emails or calls the administration time to conclude complex or even simple cases has increased 100 percent.


Graham Mann who heads up water consultants H20 says ” We recently received a reference from a client United Cast Bar, we projected substantial savings and refunds due to years worth of water company overcharges.

The water consultants in the bill validation team were under pressure to deliver in very difficult circumstances involving numerous email exchanges and heated telephone discussions as the water wholesaler was quite plainly stalling the case over many months.

The team finally succeeded in delivering savings of 88 percent and a very large refund payment due to historical overcharging.

To receive a big pat on the back is a sure sign of client appreciation.


United Cast Bar reference