Water consultants achieve public sector water savings of £21,000.

Yorkshire based water consultants H20 Building Services achieve public sector water savings of £21,000 having been appointed by East Staffordshire Borough Council.


H20 Building Services were appointed by the councils programmes and transformation officer Simon Humble. The water audit team at H20 completed a review of the water and waste water bills received from the water and sewerage companies although “they didn’t find any water leaks  but they identified that we have been charged some incorrect water and sewerage tariff the refunds achieved dated back a number of years amounted to £15,000.”


Rolleston Cemetery had been overcharged for surface water drainage and H20 Building Services claimed a refund for the previous years of £1,700.


Uttoxeter Leisure Center had also been  overcharged for surface water drainage, an extensive site survey and discussions with the buildings architects and with the sewerage provider resulted in a reduction from a charge band 11 down to a band 8 tariff and a £3,000 refund for the year.


H20 Building Services also found that the council was being billed for water supplied to parts of the Town Hall that had been sold and a refund of £4,000 was obtained.


Surface water run off from traffic islands is collected and used for irrigation but the sewerage provider had been charging for waste water and run off for years, the provider agreed with H20 Building Services that the charged should not have been applied and refunded over £4,000.


“We found H20 Building Services very easy to work with says Simon “and there were no hidden costs. We built up a high level of trust and they have been helping us reduce water consumption and validating our bills”


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