Scottish water bills are set to rise by 1.6 percent from April of this year.

Households will see the rise across all council tax bands which represents a cash increase of an average of £6.


Scottish Water CEO Mr Douglas Millican claims that households and businesses are benefiting from a £3.5 billion investment in the water and waste water infrastructure safeguarding water supplies for many years.


Meanwhile in England and Wales the water and waste water bills are set to rise by 2%.


Water Uk which represents the water companies claims the 2% water and waste water bill increase will contribute to a £44 billion investment commitment over the next 5 years up to the year 2023 to reduce water leaks from the water supply company leaking pipes.

Also to ensure some 5,000 fewer properties will be flooded with sewer waste and 50 beaches will be cleaner.


Leading water consultants H20 Building Services say


” Our advice is clear, businesses and organisations should consider appointing water consultants that have many years of water industry knowledge and expertise and together draw up a focused water and waste water management strategy.

A “knee jerk” reaction for example would be switching water supplier, but that is really not the answer. Clearly whats needed says Graham Mann, Senior Partner if H20 Building Services is entrepreneurial thinking which is all about recognising opportunities in the water and waste water industry and understanding how and when to capitalise on them.

This encapsulates the way our team of water consultants have worked for over 20 years as our client case studies demonstrate”


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