Northern Ireland Businesses Face Water Charge Hikes

Some 80,000 businesses in Northern Ireland are set to be hit with increases to their water charges, with Northern Ireland Water (NIW) having been granted permission from the Utility Regulator to push up sewerage and water charges by up to 4.6 per cent.


From April, its business customers will see increases of an average of 3.35 per cent, with the plans already having been criticised by the Federation for Small Businesses, the BBC reports.


The organisation’s Roger Pollen said it was an unwelcome move, calling on the government to see what can now be done to help remove the burden from companies, perhaps by slashing some of the regulations to compensate for this increase in costs that is now being put on them.


NIW itself raises approximately £78 million each year from charging non-household customers, including farmers. But most of its revenue comes from a subsidy from Stormont, which is paid instead of charging domestic customers.


The supplier’s finance director Ronan Larkin was quoted by the news source as saying: “Whilst the cost of providing services has risen, we have been able to absorb some of these and minimise the increase in tariffs. Businesses will be paying less in real terms that they did at the start of 2015.”


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