Water Use Climbs 20 percent In May in the UK – H20 News

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An urgent appeal to be more mindful with water use and consumption has been issued by Water UK, following the driest May on record that saw water usage climb by 20 per cent.


Some areas even saw peak demand of up to 40 per cent above what would be normal for this time of year, which represents a nationwide hike of over 2.2 billion litres a day being used – the same as 900 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


The use of garden sprinklers is being advised against at the moment in order to help ease demand at peak times in the evening and make a real difference to water pressure.


Other ways to reduce water use while still remaining hydrated and staying healthy during the pandemic by washing hands more frequently includes taking shorter showers, using watering cans instead of hoses and sprinkler systems, reusing paddling pool water on flower beds and ensuring that dishwashers are both full and on an eco setting.


Christine McGourty, Water UK chief executive, said: “It’s a great time to be out in the sunshine if you can, but this record sunny weather is bringing record peak demands for water.


“Just small changes through the day will make all the difference, and there are plenty more tips on staying wise about water in these unprecedented times. The less water we use at peak times, the less likely it is that water will be under pressure.”


Water management scientist at the Royal Horticultural Society Janet Manning made further comments, saying that overwatering the garden isn’t necessary, even during a dry spell, and lawns are “surprisingly resilient” even in hot weather, recovering quickly – and quicker still if you stop mowing or raise the mower blades.


Businesses may want to take water saving further by having water consumption analysis carried out, which can help you save water and money at the same time. This will help you work out just how much water you’re using, if you’re wasting any and where it’s being wasted.


To help reduce the amount of water you use and waste, you could consider implementing automated meter reading, which monitors your usage continuously so that any issues can be identified quickly, allowing you to adjust your water-saving solutions as your business requirements change over time.


You can have a meter installed onsite so you can track your water usage at hourly intervals. If you see a sudden spike, it’s an indication that there could be a problem somewhere, which can then be identified and action taken quickly.


If your data trends change over time, then you know the demands of your business have changed, so you’re able to adjust your efficiency strategies to keep savings at the optimum level. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with H2o Building Services today.