Tankers Transporting Water To Meet Increased Demand

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Water is being transported by road in parts of the UK to meet increased demand during the heatwave, with Essex and Suffolk Water saying that this is necessary because the firm is restricted on how much water can be taken from boreholes.


The region saw more than 94 million litres of water used each day last weekend (August 8th-9th), the BBC reports, with the water supplier using tankers to transport hundreds of thousands of litres of water.


The supplier’s Martin Lunn explained that demand for water hasn’t been anywhere near what it is now since at least 2007, saying: “We have a daily limit on how much water we can draw from boreholes, so when the demand exceeds that limit we bring road tankers in to move water into the water towers.”


Some 3,000 properties in the area are supplied by water towers, with levels topped up by tankers. Mr Lunn went on to say that around seven tankers a day are now in operation, shifting approximately 200,000 litres of water.


Water suppliers the length and breadth of the country are now urging customers to be more mindful of their water usage and consumption at the moment, given the particularly dry weather we’ve been enjoying.


For businesses, there’s a lot that can be achieved in this regard right now but measures that are put in place to help relieve pressure on supplies during heatwaves and drought will stand them in good stead well into the future.


You can improve your water efficiency in all sorts of ways, but the first step is to have an audit of your site carried out so you can see how and where you’re using water across your operations.


Audits compare your water use, including volumes, with what you’re being charged for, so that recommendations can be made for reductions in usage, lowering your costs as a result.


From there, you can start to think about what steps to take to make permanent changes on site that will make your operations more eco-friendly. Water leak detection is one way to help you save water and, given that three billion litres of water is lost through leakage each and every day, chances are that you do have a leak or two on your premises somewhere.


You could also look into the likes of rainwater harvesting and water recycling if you want to do even more to improve your water footprint and give your business a real green boost this year.


You can use collected water in place of mains supplies for the likes of laundry and process water, vehicle washing, irrigation and more. Get in touch with the H2o Building Services team to see how we can help you take the next step.