Pub Chain Saves 600,000 Pints Daily Through Self-Supply

Greene King, a UK-based pub chain and brewery, has succeeded in saving over 600,000 pints of water a day since it took the decision to obtain its own self-supply licence last year.


In fact, the company – which operates over 3,000 establishments around the country, was the first non-domestic water customer to apply for its own retail services. Since then, it has been able to reduce its water footprint by over 140,000m3 since April 2017, realising 384.32m3 in consumption savings – which is the equivalent of 676,313 pints of water!


Being a self-supply licensee means that Greene King no longer has to pay retail margins added by water suppliers in the open water market, meaning it can save money as well as water.


The report noted: “Greene King is committed to operating its business in a sustainable way and was the first pub company to apply for a licence to self-supply water, enabling us to reduce water usage in our business. We were the first major pub company in the UK to pledge that by 2020 we will send zero waste to landfill.”


Aside from the self-supply initiative, the brand also continuously recycles all water used to lubricate seals within the brewing process at its brewery, as well as bringing in an ECO mode on its blender, which saves 2,325m3 a year.


It’s not just water where their eco-friendly efforts are to be concentrated, either – technology is set to be implemented in 2019 that will reduce the energy used by its main cellar chillers by up to 30 per cent and the company’s breweries will also see other energy-saving measures introduced come next year.


If you’re suitably inspired by Greene King’s story, get in touch with us here at H2O Building Services. We know how complicated the water retail market can be so don’t be deterred if you do find it hard to understand… that’s where we come into our own.


England’s water retail market is open to all business customers and it’s worth remembering that you could drive down your water and waste water charges considerably if you do go down this route. Your licence will mean you can buy at protected wholesale prices, which is what all water retailers pay.


Although you won’t receive water retail services like billing or customer service, you will be able to receive water supply and waste water removal services from your region’s water company at wholesale prices. You can also supply water services to your own premises, across multiple sites, as well as providing retail services yourself or contracting out to a third party.


Of course, water self-supply won’t be for everyone, which is why it makes sense to bring in the experts to carry out a free no-obligation appraisal so you can find out if it’s the right route for you and your company or not. Get in touch with us today to find out more.