State of the art technology for water footprint monitoring

Water is one of the most vital resources on the planet, partially because of its multitude of uses. It is not only essential for drinking, cooking and bathing; it is also vital for industry and business, and is used in many manufacturing processes.


The importance of the resource means that it is crucial to measure consumption and waste as well as taking steps to maximise efficiency. By doing this water resources can be managed much more efficiently and successfully preserved for the future. Businesses can also enjoy significant savings on their bills by ensuring they only consume the volume of water they need and keep levels of waste as low as possible.


If you are looking to improve water management in your business, one issue you’ll want to carefully consider is your water footprint. This measures the amount of water that is needed to produce goods and services through both direct and indirect use. It takes the whole production cycle into account, all the way from raw materials to the end result.


Businesses can find a wide range of benefits from keeping track of their water footprint. The data can reveal where resources are consumed, determine how reliant they are on supplies, and allows them to start looking at ways they can reduce their consumption. The more detailed the data, the more information the business will have to make the right decisions and implement the most effective strategies.


At H2O Building Services we are committed to helping businesses across the UK to accurately calculate their water footprint, monitor it and find opportunities to improve their water use. We are highly experienced and have worked with clients from many different sectors over the years, which has given us a rich and varied pool of knowledge to draw on for our clients.


As part of our service we can offer water flow data logging and meter reading equipment. This cutting edge technology will allow clients to track their consumption carefully for as long as they need to. Flows will be logged periodically each day and all data will be presented in a clear manner so opportunities will be clearly visible. With our help, businesses can manage their resources more effectively, enjoy reduced bills and become less dependent on supplies.


Water flow data logger - water footprint monitoring