Institute Of Water Signs Agreement With ICE

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The Institute of Water (IoW) has signed a new agreement with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) that will make the former an associated institution of the ICE, with the aim being to allow water engineering professionals to share knowledge and best practices.


Both organisations will collaborate on ICE Communities of Practice and part of Project Groups as well, with the ICE working to identify issues of importance within the sector and society as a whole, before producing content using the Project Group model that can be shared through both groups’ channels.


Director of membership at the ICE Sean Harris was quoted by WWT Online as saying: “Millions of people across the developing world still do not have access to clean water and sanitation, and climate change will have a dramatic effect on how countries, including the UK, must manage their water supply.


“Those working in the water industry are at the forefront of developing solutions to problems such as these, and we will work with IoW to ensure that we promote best practice and policy in water management.”


In a statement, the IoW said that the new agreement will give its members access to one of the most respected and professional engineering institutions in the world, creating new opportunities to collaborate and identify and address any issues of importance that are discovered.


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