Video Calling Service Launched To Help Leak Reportage

Severn Trent customers have launched a new video calling service across its region to improve water leak detection and allow customers to speak with an engineer when reporting problems.


People can use their smartphones to interact with a virtual team of professionals via a video service, enabling engineers to assess issues at the first point of contact and raise the right kind of work needed to repair the problem. This means that response times will be slashed since there will be no need for an initial site visit.


The first trials of the service have seen the virtual team review three times as many leaks compared to those engineers who would have needed to travel to each location to investigate, so there’s more time for field workers to prioritise fixing issues immediately.


Since the service was launched in September, over 50 per cent of Severn Trent customers reporting leaks are now using the video call option, with the average time to fix reported leaks through video call now half the typical timeframe.


Technology and data lab manager with the water supplier Rob Ryder said: “Nearly everyone now has access to a smartphone, so it’s only right we take advantage of any technology that offers us the chance to improve the way we interact with our customers.


“Sometimes explaining a water leak in detail can be tricky but, by using the video call service, our virtual field team can see the leak right away, assess it and get a job raised straight away which allows us to fix it even more quickly.”


If you’re not a Severn Trent customer, you can still take steps to ensure you spot leaks straightaway if you arrange to have a site survey carried out. The problem with leaks is that they’re often so small that they’re barely even noticeable and hidden away underground – which means that you may not even know you have one until you start seeing water damage or spot a huge leap in your water bills.


Here at H2O Building Services, we use the latest techniques to identify even the smallest of leaks and will recommend the steps necessary to repair the problem, stopping water wastage and saving you money.


Because the majority of pipes inside a property are either inside walls or under the flooring, leaks can cause massive problems. Water seeping into materials can result in mould growing or even structural damage – which can be incredibly expensive to sort out.


But because pipes are so hidden away, detection and repair isn’t as simple as you might well think. A lot of the time, leaks aren’t spotted until significant damage has already been done. Being proactive is absolutely vital so if you’d like us to come to your site to carry out a survey, get in touch with us today.