Water leak detection experts nail a million gallon a year water leak – case study

Water leak detection experts H20 Building Services where called to a Caravan Park as the water and waste water bills were increasing.


Upon arrival on site water leak detection engineers completed a water flow rate check on the water meter and the continual flow rate was 9.5 litres per minute.


Using a “listening stick” the engineer recorded a leak noise and carried out further check by lifting drainage covers as water often finds its way into drains, in this instance water was seen flowing into the drainage system.


An electronic listening device was used to enhance the water leak noise and the leak was pinpointed on the water supply to the caravan.


Water leak detection - listening stick - H2O Building Services



The volume of water lost over the year was 4,964 cubic metres  in old money nearly 1 million gallons at a cost of £12,062 per year. Case Study water leak detection report Caravan Park 11.03.19


H20 Building Services are now completing water leak repairs.


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