As Yorkshire Water increase leak detection teams to drive down leakage H20 Building Services record a steep rise in customer enquiries.

Yorkshire Water have set ambitious targets to reduce water leaks by 40% by 2025 and have recruited many more leakage inspectors to now over 230.


As water leak detection teams are dispatched all over Yorkshire to identify water leaks on Yorkshire Waters own water distribution networks the teams are also carrying out water leak detection on customers water meters and valves in the highway.


Where water leaks are identified they are serving written notices called “Section 75 Water Industry Act 1991” the notice states that

Yorkshire water Services Ltd believes that the pipework and or plumbing at the property is defective, resulting in the circumstances set out in section 75(i) of the water industry act 1991. In this particular instance where water which has been or is to be so supplied is being or likely to be wasted or having regard to the purposes for which it is supplied, misused or unduly consumed.


In other words a water leak either on the water supply pipe from the meter to the building(s) or inside the building.

It is then the customers responsibility to carry out water leak detection and water leak repair.


The Section 75 Water Industry Notice will normally stipulate that the customer should complete the water leak detection and water leak repairs within 14 days.


Since Yorkshire Water have been more proactive in identifying potential customer water leaks the water leak detection teams at H20 Building Services have seen an increase in requests for leak detection and water leak repairs.


So far this year H20 have calculated saving 80,000 cubic metres a year just through water leak detection and repairs. That is enough water to supply 533 average families in the UK for a year.


Has your business received a letter from Yorkshire Water or indeed any other water company regarding a water leak? if so call us on 0845 658 0948 or email and we will find and repair your water leak.