Water leak detection experts called in by a Hospital to trace a water leak costing £3,000 a week!

Water leak detection experts H20 Building Services were called in to carry out a water leak detection survey to a Hospital in the North West.


Based on the continuous water flow through the site water meter the water leak was adding £3,000 per week onto the water bill.


The water leak detection expert carried out the leak detection using sensitive ground microphones and the traditional listening stick, attaching listening devices to the various underground water isolation valves and checking drains for excess water flow.


A number of water leaks across the Hospital site were identified, the water leaks in total were accounting for 38 cubic metres an hour which is a staggering 8,360 gallons!


Water leaks will have a serious impact on water bills, please be aware more often than not underground water leaks are not visible and can be left unchecked for months even years.


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