X marks the spot as water leak detection team nail an 8.7 million gallon water leak.

If your business or organisation is charged for water based on water volume used, you will be paying for water and waste water services via a water meter.

All water passing through the water meter and registering on the digital readout will be charged back to the customer.


This is the case even if you have a water leak, the water company will bill all water passing through the water meter.


The challenges for customers in today’s water market is that on average a customers water meter is only read once per year, in some cases it is over a year before the water company reads your meter.

During that time if there are any above or below ground water leaks then the customer will be completely unaware as water bills are often based on estimated water meter readings which are not true readings and therefore water leaks will go unnoticed for over a year or so. Therefore when the meter is actually read and a £100,000 + water bill lands in accounts payable, the bill being £70,000 more than usual it comes as quite a shock to any business or organisation.


Its only when a high water bill arrives that most customers then recognize the true value of water!


Example College leak detection report February 2020 doc in this particular case study the water leakage rate in terms of water volume lost was 130 cubic metres per day ( 1 cubic metre = 220 gallons) in this case study 8.7 million gallons over 1 year at a cost to the customer of £124,000.

This huge unaccounted water bill can cause serious financial hardship to any business or organisation. The volume of water lost equates to 1,482 fuel tankers lined up end to end each with a standard volume of 32 cubic metres.


So how can your business or organisation protect itself from water leaks impacting on your future water bills?


Simple, by installing a AMR water flow data logger which is a device which is fitted to the water companies water meter which records the water volume over time and produces a visual graphical pattern of water use which can be set to alarm if the water flow increases.


The system can also be used for identifying water losses out of hours, it is without doubt the most valuable cost effective way of identifying water wastage and insuring against water leaks.


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