Water leak detection projects out to tender by Thames Water valued at over £200million.

Thames Water have been placed firmly in the spotlight recently over their poor record on detecting and repairing water leaks on their water distribution network.

Thames Water have been fined £120 million over leaks and water leak detection is listed as a high priority for the water company and water losses have been brought into sharp focus due to the water shortages brought on by our recent above average hot summer and low rainfall.


Not only does this 8 year project which Thames have put out for tender include for water leak detection it also includes for water leak repairs covering areas of North London, South London and Thames Valley there are some very interesting sub divisions within the project which may well effect customers and customers should be aware of them, for instance: –


Water leak reduction activity 


  • Stopped meter investigations – The effect on customers will be that the water meters will be replaced by new water meters and many customers will be back charged by under billed water accounts.
  • Missing properties and unbilled customers – Those customers that are not being billed for water and waste water services will be identified and will receive back charges of up to 6 years.
  • Reoccurring water leakage activity, step testing of valves.
  • Identifying customer side water leakage.
  • On-going area water leak detection – Customers will receive 7 day water leakage notices to detect and repair water leaks on their own private supplies.


Other water infrastructure activities will include


  • Testing of boundary valves.
  • Flow testing district meters.
  • Investigating continual water use at night.


Customers may well receive enforcement notices for wasting water.


This activity will probably commence early next year so if customers do receive enforcement notices they would be well advised to action them and take advice and guidance from water consultants to implement the recommendations issued by the water company as there could be serious penalties for none compliance.

On a positive note, customers will benefit by reduced water bills from detecting and repairing water leaks.