Water UK Pledges To Half Water Leaks By 2050

Industry body Water UK has announced that it has plans in place to reduce the total amount of water lost to leaks across England by at least half come the year 2050 at the very latest.


In a letter to the secretary of state Michael Gove, Water UK’s chief executive Michael Roberts explained that sustained investment will be necessary in order to make this change in strategy a success, bringing together new and traditional techniques for water leak detection and repairs.


He noted that innovation will be key, not only when it comes to reducing the impact of this activity on bills but also to establish the scope to go further on water suppliers’ commitments where making material cuts in leakage are concerned.


The traditional regulatory approach saw companies focus on achieving the “sustainable economic level of leakage”, which goes some way towards explaining why leakage dropped by a third initially but then stabilised as time went on.


“International experience shows that supporting government measures are key to managing demand. We think there is an important step to take in assessing the potential positive contribution to be made by public policy in areas such as building regulations, water efficiency labelling, metering and customer-owned supply pipes. We would be delighted to lead a joint project on this, reporting at a senior level to Defra,” Mr Roberts went on to say.


If you’ve spotted a leak at your place of business and are concerned about the potential damage it could cause, you need to ensure that the repair job carried out will last… so do make sure that you hire a reputable and experienced water leak repair company that can get the work done properly the first time.


Here at H2O Building Services, we can come and carry out a water audit to help detect leaks on your premises, advising you as to the best most cost-effective way to conduct full and lasting repairs. Patch jobs will only be a temporary resolution, leading to more disruption and further expense to you later down the line.


Unfortunately, water leaks can cost businesses thousands of pounds and can often be very tricky to deal with indeed. If your leak is below ground, for example, it will take incredibly precise detection and then an excavation job to reach the leak before a repair can even be carried out.


The water audit we conduct will show us whether there have been any spikes in your water usage over the last 12 months or more. This will then tell us if you have any leaks on site and how severe they may be.


Once the audit comes back, we then carry out leak detection across the entire site to find all leaks that could be costing you money. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you tackle leak issues at your place of business, get in touch with us today.