A water bill audit uncovers a potential water leak at Holiday Park costing £45,000 a year!

With water charges being brought in sharp focus by the announcement of the impending introduction of competition in the business water retail market, and with many companies actively reducing their carbon emission we are seeing a big increase in enquiries for water bill audits and virtually without exception water savings and refunds due to incorrect charging are being identified.


In this recent project here at H20 Building Services a holiday park situated on the North East Coast of Wales called in as they were concerned about water charges for the park.

A water flow data logger was installed to the water company meter. This device records the daily and overnight water flow and is an absolute must in any focused water management strategy for reducing water bills now and maintaining water savings going forwards.

In this instance our water audit experts were able to report back to the client the unaccounted water losses or indeed a water leak underground based on the water flow out of hours known in the water industry as the base load the annual water loss would be nearly 15,000 cubic metres or 3 million gallons costing some £45,000 straight off the bottom line.

Water Flow Data Logger Graph - Water bill auditOur water leak detection expert carried out water leak detection to identify the reason for the high base load water flow of 1.7m3 per hour using a listening stick placed on water fittings across the park. Such as isolation valves to each caravan and underground isolation valves and fire hydrants.


Water leak detection - water bill auditA leak noise was heard on one of the fittings and eventually the leak was accurately pinpointed, the water leak position was excavated and with the water pipe exposed and the leak under pressure the water leak could be clearly seen.

The steel pipe was corroded from the inside, eventually over time the leak would get much worse and eventually burst.

The water leak - water bill audit








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