A water leak adds £600 per day to a national holiday parks water bill

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

As an integral part of a water strategy the water audit experts at H20 Building Services have installed water flow data loggers to many site for a national holiday park operator. The water flow data captured from the water company supply meters is accessed via a web based water monitoring platform, then reports of the daily and overnight flow profiles are generated. This is in conjunction with a comprehensive water bill validation and bureau service which as a integral part of the overall water strategy for the client. A proactive strategy is key to driving down water and waste water volumes and maintaining water savings.

The importance of employing water audit experts and applying a proactive water strategy cannot be over emphasized, a prime example of this particular case study can be seen on the water data logging graph. The water flow rate and water consumption is 7 cubic metres per hour which equates to a water leak loss of 700 per day, the water data supports this. An exception report was sent directly to the client for action. Water leak detection was completed saving nearly £600 per day off the water bills, again the water data logging graph supports this.


Water data logging graph before and after - a water leakClick on the link here to see a short video of a £600 per day water leak!

Had this client not engaged and implemented this water strategy then the following water bill would have been £55,000 over budget for one 3 month period!