Have you got a water leak – This customer certainly has 3,523,520 million gallons!

In this case study 16,000 cubic meters a year or 3,523,520 million gallons is without question a large water leak, and the costs?


At Yorkshire Water rates around £49,786 a year and according to the water bills the water consumption has been steadily moving north for several months.


In this case study although the water was rising above ground and into the meter chamber an interesting water leak case study Water Leak detection report Beverley 27.10.19


If only the client had installed a water flow data logger the system would have flagged up a leak and minimised the financial impact on the business.


Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is a technique we use to continuously monitor water usage in a property. Also known as data logging, it is a powerful tool which allows us to spot issues quickly and adjust water saving solutions as requirements change over time.


Using a ‘smart meter’, we can see exactly how much water is being used by a property at hourly intervals, by measuring the water flow. If we see a sudden spike in water flow, we can check to see if there is a problem, such as a water leak, and act fast. If we see data trends change over time, we know that the demands of the business have changed, and we can adjust our efficiency strategies accordingly to keep savings at the optimum level.


That is why installing a data logger is the No 1 most powerful tool for driving down water consumption and supply costs.