Be proactive with finding and repairing leaks.

It can be incredibly difficult to find water leaks in a business premises, especially larger ones with complex plumbing systems. Many of the problems can be hidden and only get noticed when the issue has worsened to a point where it is affecting the structure. By this point the repair cost can be much higher and cause a bigger disruption to the business. On top of this you will have been paying for all of the water that has been getting wasted. A more proactive solution to find leaks and resolve them is needed if you want to avoid this.


At H2O Building Services we can provide just that. One part of our service is utilising the latest monitoring and data logging equipment to detect water usage throughout a system. The information the system provides can be used to find leaks because it will show exactly where the resources are being used. If it is in a part of the system where there are no outlets you have a leak.


On top of this there are a number of different methods of water leak detection to choose from. These can help to locate a problem efficiently, pointing you to the source of the problem so that repairs can be made. Equipment like ground microphones can be used to pinpoint leaks by amplifying the sounds in the system. Tracer gas is also useful because it will escape from the pipe where there is a fault.


Each method of leak detection has one important thing in common; they can find the source of the problem without having to resort to destructive measures such as digging up the pipes. This is vital, particularly when you consider that a large number of problems occur on pipe work before it enters the property. The buried pipes can be damaged by ground movement, temperature fluctuations, corrosion, and excavation work. Each of these could result in a costly leak.


We are committed to helping clients understand the importance of being proactive with leak detection and repairs, please click on the lick for the latest water leak detection report for one of our clients TyreStoreShropshireLeakDetectionSiteSurveyReport.


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