The risk of a water leak increases during the winter months.

Winter is nearly upon us and temperatures are dropping and for the last few months your water bills have been estimated.


Then an underground joint fails and you now have a water leak.


Dependent on the water losses your next water bill could be £10,000 – £20,000 or even £30,000 over budget!


We have a client who had estimated water bills for 10 months and unbeknown to them there was a water leak that did not become apparent until they received a water bill of £90,000!

Then it was too late and the damage had been done, and the financial impact on the business was serious.


Yet for less than £900 the fitting of a water flow data logger will ensure a water leak is detected and notified to you to take action within a few hours, minimising the impact on the business finances.


You must not as many do reply on your water supplier to read your water meter every month unless you have a 100mm meter or 4″ supply then in most cases they are not obliged to read the meter every month so check with your supplier.


So take control of your water costs and ensure against the financial impact of a water leak and fit an AMR automatic meter reading device.


Link for a water leak case study


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