A small water leak inside a building can result in a large water bill – Leakage investigation survey

Graham Mann of H2O Building Services carrying out water leak detection using a listening stick


A 2.5 litre’s per minute unaccounted water usage does not sound a lot right?


But over a year that it adds up to a water loss of 289,000 gallons!


Put this into a visual perspective a typical fuel tanker in the UK holds approx. 7,000 gallons so imagine just for a moment 41 fuel tankers lined up end to end, now that is a lot of water.


The cost to this particular customer, in addition to the existing water bills prior to the increases is £2,667 a year which is 70 percent more than it should be.


So how did the customer have this potential  leak brought to their attention? 


The water company South Staffs Water have dozens of  leak detection engineers carrying out water leak investigations by using a traditional “listening stick” to listen for a water leak noise.


In this instance the “listening stick” was placed on the pipework or external water isolation valve and water was heard passing through the pipe and water meter.


The water company engineer reported what was thought to be a water leak under an official notice called a section 75 which give the customer notice of a water leak and usually a timescale of 7 to 30 days to fix the leak.


In this instance the noise was not a water leak in the traditional sense, it was an internal water loss through a urinal.


None the less a huge volume of water and a 70 percent increase in the customers bill.


A water leakage investigation survey was compiled with recommendations for fixing the problem and given to the customer for action by the water leak engineers H2O Building Services Example Walsall Leak detection report Oct 19


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