Want to Reduce water bills? First quantify water leaks – here’s how.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

If you want to reduce water bills you must first quantify water leaks, yes a basic desktop water audit will be useful but it will not tell you if your site is losing water through in efficient water use or through water leaks.

Its all about water flow data overtime, fitting a water data logger to your incoming water company meter is absolute key to reducing water bills.

The cost, around £600 supplied and installed including 5 years water flow data transmission straight to your P.C or tablet, payable if a leak is found immediate!

Once the system is installed a day later you may download water flow data to produce a visual daily and overnight water flow profile, water leaks or water loss can be very easily identified, in the case of this actual project last years water and waste water charges were £63,000, yet a staggering £43,000 worth is being lost through water leakage!

This is not an unusual occurrence – why not take a look at the water leak report here ExampleLeisureParkAlertReport26 05 15  a water leak detection team will be on site soon!