The water audit experts identify a £13,000 water leak.

The water audit experts at H20 Building Services analysed water flow data provided via a data logger installed to the customers incoming water meter. The water flow data is captured via an on-line portal and the system monitors water flow and input 24/07.


In this particular water audit case study the customer had a previous large water leak that cost over £30,000, the water flow monitoring device was installed as a subsequence of the previous water looses. The data logger provides insurance and peace of mind against water losses both underground and inside the large factory complex.


In this instance a 16.32 cubic metre per hour constant flow was recorded. If you can imagine visually that is half of an oil tanker capacity or 3,509 gallons per hour.


Not all unaccounted water losses are underground water leaks so a water audit expert was dispatched to site to verify the reason for the high constant flow. Click the link to view the results of the water audit and water leak detection survey report examplesurveyreportoctober2016