Water audit experts identify huge water leaks contributing to high water bills.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.


About 10 days ago we posted a news item on our website, it was headed “A nightmare water leak scenario could not be far away as winter approaches” in an effort to raise the profile on water leaks and the substantial impact seemingly small water leaks can have on water bills. Since this time we have completed water audits and identified potential water leaks to a number of client sites in the following areas: –


* Schools and colleges.

* Leisure parks.

* DIY and trade retail outlets.

* Automobile retail outlets.


The desktop water audit reports revealed unidentified water losses contributing to high water bills.

Having received instructions to proceed with the site surveyors our surveyors completed water leakage surveys and submitted reports and in total we identified and repaired water leaks totalling a staggering 98,000 cubic metres or 19.3 million gallons! put into context that would sustain 816 families of 3 for one year, or visually 3,266 average sized full tankers each holding 30 cubic metres.

This water lost was a combination of underground water leaks, faulty water fittings, above ground in efficient use and incorrect charges by the water companies.

The resulting water savings and refunds total an estimated £415,000 approximately £85,000 in refunds and annual water bills reduced by £330,000 per year.


Over the last few months we have seen a marked increase in businesses requesting water audits and asking for advice on reducing water bills as we become a lot more pro-active in promoting water savings and with water being more in the news due to the English water retail market opening in 2017.


“Value water more”