Water audit services experts identify a £25,000 water leak.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Many water companies dependant of the customers water consumption read water meters only once per year with water and waste water bills posted on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis. For the remaining 9 months of the year many businesses are vulnerable to a high water bills due to estimated water meter readings. During this period a water leak could occur underground or even a water loss above ground such as a faulty urinal flush control or a faulty fitting in the wc cistern. Consideration should be given to ensuring water meters are read on a weekly basis and the readings put into a basic water meter log. Increases in water consumption can be easily identified and investigations carried out if the water consumption increases. Often they are minor issues but even these dependant on the water loss can add up to a large water bill.

In this particular instance the water supply pipe was run under the concrete floor and the foundations of the building which is not good practise and often costly to the business in the long term.

Please click here to see the water leak detection survey report EastbourneLeakDetectionSiteSurvey


* Read water meters weekly.

* Plot water consumption on a spread sheet.

* Match water meter readings with water bills.