A water leak can be a financial nightmare for any business if not found and fixed – Case Study

Water leak detection - H20 Building Services


Most businesses and organisations are paying for water and waste water services based on what they use through a water meter, so any water leak can and will have a significant impact on any business if not located and fixed.


In this case study we installed a water flow data logger or AMR in water industry speak.


So what is a water flow data logger or AMR?


Automated meter reading (AMR) is a technique we use to continuously monitor water flow usage 24/7.

Also known as data logging, this device is fitted to the water companies meter that serves your property.

The device sends the water flow data via the mobile phone network and by logging into a bespoke data platform you will see the data produces water flow volumes over time in both graphical and numerical formats and displays patterns of both usage and wastage such as a water leak on a 24/7 basis.


By passing the cursor over the water flow peaks and continual flows it will show accurate water consumption and wastage and the cost can be calculated and a report generated to facilitate a water leak detection survey and report.


In this particular actual water leak case study this is a clear demonstration of the value of installing a water flow data logger for monitoring water flow patterns and identifying a water leak as early as possible to ensure the monetary water losses are minimal, resulting in early water leak detection and repair.


Without the data logger the water leak could have run on for a year or more at an additional £30,000 per year to the business, click here for the water leak case study report ExampleHolidayParkNorthumberlandSurveySavingsReport


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