Water leak increases water bills by £20,000 per year – case study

A water leak was suspected as the on line water flow monitoring device indicated an increased continual water flow at a leisure park in Northumberland.


The increased continual water flow was 220 gallons per hour, which in monetary terms was £373 a week or £20,000 per annum if not rectified.


Although it was an underground water leak it is very likely to increase way beyond this figure as the water leaks increase over time as water wears away the pipes and volumes of waste increase.


In this particular case a large water leak was detected and repaired a year ago, the client took our advise and installed a water flow data logger after repairs in order to insure against any further water leak impacting on future water bills.


As the water flow data logger was set up to alarm when recording increases in water consumption, referring to the visual flow produced by the data logger (see report) you can quite clearly see the increase. Without the device fitted and monitored the client would not be aware of any water losses, especially when actual water meter readings are taken once every 6 months, the water bills are estimated for 6 months of the year.


The value of on-line monitoring  cannot be over emphasised, it is integral to reducing the water and waste water costs and insuring against future losses impacting on water bills going forwards and for a one off cost averaging £600-900 it is an immediate payback.


To view the water leak report click the link here : – leisureparkwaterleakdetectionsitesurveyreportnovember2016