Water leak located and repaired saving £39,000 and a £24,000 leakage allowance – What a result!

Having successfully located and repaired the long standing water leak at Bramcote School saving £39,000 per annum as the leak was fixed before the full years bills had been forwarded to the client by Severn Trent Water, if you missed the post and case study click here


The water audit experts at H20 Building Services then produced a water database separating out the water leakage volumes, this together with water flow data and logging flow charts submitted a claim for a leakage rebate which has now been agreed with Severn Trent Water at £24,000.

This is how the water audit experts calculated the leakage allowance thereby reducing the financial impact on the customers high water bills due to leakage by 40%.


Click the link for the leakage calculations here: BramcoteCollegeLeakRefundCalculations


What a result! another happy customer.


Together we “Value water more”