When is a water leak not a water leak? Water saving case study.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

When is a water leak not a water leak? – Answer – When it is an unaccounted water loss.

When customers review water costs and some sites seem higher than others the immediate conclusion is a water leak which is a fair assumption, the customer will then instigate a water leak detection survey.

In this case study I have posted a copy of the leakage investigation survey  which will give you an insight into the high level detail and areas we examine when carrying out a survey. In this instance we calculated a £4,000 overspend based on water billing data we hold and monitor on behalf of Vue Cinemas. During the water bill validation process this site was flagged up as high consumption.

A £4,000 overspend does not sound much but to put into context how much turnover is needed to make £4,000 profit?

This is an interesting case study as the causes of the high water bills are not easily identifiable. Please click here VUEStarCityLeakDetectionReport for the water leakage survey report.