If your companies site had a major water leak do you have a water strategy?

If the water supply to your business premises burst and you had a water leak which reduced or even affected the water supply to the point the site had no water what is your water strategy.


Just imagine right now no water!


If your site is a manufacturing and production operation ask yourself which parts of your operation are water critical, perhaps evaporative cooling towers, steam boiler water supply, rinse and cooling water? water in the product?


More often than not a water leak will happen when you least expect it, its never a convenient time when the taps run dry!


Take the leisure park industry, these are now sprawling villages often with hundreds if not thousands of caravan and mobile home pitches, a small town.

The two major water demand times are first thing in the morning 7 am to 10am high water demand, the next high water demand 12pm until 2pm and then 4pm to 8pm.

If the main incoming water supply sprung a major water leak to the point the site was out of water it is very likely the site would have to close, unless of course there was a plan, a water strategy.


Does your leisure park business have a water strategy if the taps run dry?


Over the weekend that’s exactly what happened to four hospitals in Manchester they were forced to cancel operations as the site sprung a major leak, this event caused mayhem and this was a water critical site without a back up water supply and no obvious water strategy.


This is a wake up call as the very fact there was no plan for this site and probably no water strategy for any other water critical public sector sites excluding the active military establishment as the ministry of defence have ensured the sites each have an “off grid water supply” or borehole which give them security of supply.


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