Why do water and waste water wholesalers love customer water leaks?

Water leaks - Picture of water leak on underground pipe.


Water and waste water wholesale companies love customer side water leaks, because the water and sewerage bill is split into 2 volumetric components.

Part 1 is the water volume and cost per unit and part 2 the water out as sewerage.


If your business has a water leak underground then as a matter of course the water and waste water wholesale company still charge for the water out as sewerage.


If this water goes into the ground then it is not received by the wholesale waste water company yet they still receive the revenue for processing the waste even through they do not receive it!


So where is the incentive to assist or even inform the customer that there are water leaks on site?


As a business why would a water supplier be keen to assist customers in reducing water and waste water discharges?


Indeed if revenues drop investors would not be at all impressed.


Customers should pay for the actual waste water volumes they discharge not estimated volumes.


Be assured there is technology in the pipeline to assist customers in accurately measuring sewerage volume discharge so customers will pay only for how much they discharge and not based on outdated assumptions.


Meanwhile – only pay for what you use not what you lose, the water audit experts H20 Building Services will ensure that you do. 


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