Whats the best way to identify and prevent costly water leaks on a large water supply network such as a leisure park?

First a water audit, in this case study taking into consideration the total number of pitches or accommodation units and the site facilities such as swimming pools, bar and restaurant the water and waste water costs were deemed high.

Having completed a desktop water audit indications were there was considerable room for improvement of the order of a 30 percent reduction in the total annual costs.


The initial audit report recommends the installation of an AMR water flow data logger. This device fitted to the incoming water meter will give the water management consultants the key water usage flow rate and water consumption over time in a visual format both in graphical and numerical form, essential water data used to identify potential water leaks.


In this case study potential water leaks were identified on the water flow graph indicating a 3 cubic metre per hour water leak.

In total 26,280 cubic metres per year or in old money 5.78 million gallons. Annual cost to the client £74,898 which is well over 40 percent of the annual water and waste water bill.


So in this case study the project started with a preliminary water audit, installation of an AMR water flow data logger which revealed the water leaks on the graph.


Then a site survey in order to carry out water leak detection, upon completion of the leakage investigation survey a report was generated identifying numerous water leaks for repair, please see the survey report  HolidayParkNorthYorkshireLeakDetectionReportexample

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