Are water leaks costing your business money ?

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money, and it becomes even more pressing in times of economic instability. But rather than cutting staff or driving down costs, businesses should turn their attention to the basics first and foremost.


Water leaks are a huge problem in the UK. A staggering 20% of water is lost to leaks before it ever reaches the consumer’s property. By 2020, water companies are aiming for zero leaks anywhere in the system. But what about leaks that occur outside of their jurisdiction?


With changing climate patterns and ageing infrastructure, water leaks will continue to be a pressing issue, and the problem can only get worse. And for businesses, there is a financial implication, because they will still have to meet the cost of water leaks that are caused by faulty pipework on their own property.


What Causes Business Water Leaks?


For businesses, old pipes are the main culprit, and their condition is worsened over time if nothing is done. If the leak occurs on your business premises, it is your business that will pay the repair bills — as well as the bills for the water that is wasted.


We often see businesses puzzled by the amount of water consumption that they use. The dial seems to spin when nobody’s using the supply; a classic sign of a leak that is costing money. Often, business owners only notice this when they visit their premises out of hours.


Water leaks can lead to secondary problems, too. Floods cause damage to buildings and contents. Low water pressure makes it difficult for some businesses to maintain production, or even keep the taps flowing freely for sanitation.


Busy companies sometimes don’t notice water leaks until the costs become significant and bills rise outside of normal boundaries. In some cases, the business can lose thousands of pounds until they call us in to perform a water audit. Across several sites, the costs quickly mount up.


Taking Action on Water Leaks


Every business should have a comprehensive plan in place to detect and resolve water leaks before they cause financial problems. If they don’t, then the business is literally pouring its profits down the drain.


It’s impossible to detect water leaks on business premises without the right partner and the right expertise. Using our state-of-the-art monitoring system, your businesses could save thousands of pounds that would be lost to water leaks if they were not found and fixed quickly.


We can detect unusually high flow rates, log consumption during the day and night, and find out where water is escaping. Our equipment quickly find the source of the leaks, and we can fix and  future-proof your infrastructure to prevent further problems.


Our team can also improve your overall consumption to reduce costs and improve your efficiency, as well as supporting you in switching suppliers to achieve more competitive water rates. Overall, the savings are proven and the benefit to your business could be huge.


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