Anglian Water Prioritises Water Resilience Across Its Network

As part of its new water strategy and approach to water resilience, Anglian Water has announced that it will be creating a new water treatment works in Little Wrattling, a scheme designed to secure water supplies for homes and industries in the local area, forming part of a bigger investment to improve water quality and ensure resilience in the water network.


According to WWT Online, the new works will be connected to School Road and the Boyton Hall Reservoir by three big underground pipes, with no planned disruptions set to be made to the water supply and most of the work taking place on private land.


Balfour Beatty started work on the £15 million project this week (February 25th) and it’s expected that work will be finished by summer 2020.


Commenting on the announcement, the supplier’s Nicola Harvey was quoted by the news source as saying: “The east of England is the driest in the UK and faces some significant challenges from a changing climate and a rapidly growing population.


“Future investments such as this new water treatment works at Little Wratting are essential to securing this vital resource … We have planned this work carefully to minimise any disruption for customers and local road users.


“However, we know a project like this may cause some disturbance and we apologise in advance. We hope residents appreciate the positive impact this project will have on protecting and enhancing the water supply to the 30,000 customers in the Haverhill area.”


If you want to follow suit and try to conserve the amount of water you use to ensure resilience as a business, speaking to water management consultants could prove particularly useful and it might reveal new ideas that you hadn’t previously considered before.


There are numerous ways in which you can save water, whether you decide that water leak detection and repair is the right way to go for you and your site or if you’d prefer to prioritise water monitoring, where equipment is used to track water flow hourly for ten years.


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